Among the claims that I have litigated are the following:  breach of contract regarding the world’s most valuable Beatles record collection; breach of fiduciary duty; claims for constructive trust and unjust enrichment; litigation regarding easements; defense of patent and trademark infringement claims; fraud, misrepresentation and deceit; unfair business practices (93A); theft of trade secrets; single justice review of denial of notice of lis pendens against $350,000,000 shopping center; appropriation of trade dress (website); violations of the Can-Spam Act; interference with contractual relations; obtaining attachments and other prejudgment remedies; unfair debt collection practices; revocation of tobacco license; Massachusetts APA litigation; litigation with the Board of Allied Health; federal and state employment discrimination and wrongful termination; shopping mall litigation; incompetency proceedings; shareholder derivative suits; litigation regarding non-compete agreements; collections of monies owed by trustee process; practice before the Department of Social Services; litigation regarding building code violations; personal injury claims including slip and falls; disputed rights to Internet domain name; personal jurisdiction of state or federal courts when parties reside in different states; litigation regarding real estate purchase options; federal appellate jurisdiction and procedure; criminal defense including suppression of evidence and appeals of convictions; expungement of public records; residential broker litigation and landlord-tenant disputes. 

I worked eight (8) years as general counsel for Chandler Development Company, a prominent developer of big box commercial properties, including shopping centers. As general counsel, I gained experience in drafting and negotiations both commercial as well as residential leases; commercial and residential real estate purchase and sales agreements; development of residential and commercial retail properties; subdivision of real property into condominium units; establishment of easements; drafting and negotiation of real estate mortgages; acquisition of water rights; and drafting and negotiation of real estate brokerage contracts. 


Formation and maintenance of of Massachusetts and Delaware corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies (LLC's); employment agreements; product distributorship agreements; business franchise agreements; application for trademarks, healthcare compliance review, purchase and sales of business assets (complex); negotiation for sale of movie rights; stock transfer agreements; domain name acquisition and sale; drafting of website terms and conditions; intellectual property licensing agreements; healthcare licensing applications; 


Divorce and child custody matters, including resolution of jurisdictional issues; estate planning and administration including preparation of wills and trusts;