Eight Reasons Why You Need A Lawyer Working On Your Case

At my Massachusetts law office, the Law Office of Neil E. Roberts, I help clients resolve challenging legal issues in many areas of the law. I'm a trial lawyer who works primarily on litigation and frequently appears in court. I have also worked on many appeals for clients.

One of the attributes that sets me apart is that I'm a thorough researcher. This means I can locate precedent-setting cases to help you make your case. My diligent advocacy and passion for the law have helped many clients reach positive outcomes in their cases.

Why Do You Need A Lawyer?

A skilled lawyer can assist you in many ways, including:

  1. Listen to you and answer your legal questions and concerns.
  2. Evaluate and interpret statutes and legal documents.
  3. Research complex legal issues.
  4. Challenge laws that don't make sense.
  5. Prepare your case for court, if necessary.
  6. Negotiate with the other party or the other party's attorney on your behalf.
  7. Communicate with the other party or their attorney.
  8. File appeals, motions and other documents.

I assist clients in many areas of law, including business law and real estate transactions and real estate fraud.

What Is Personal Jurisdiction In Federal Courts?

When a lawsuit involves two different states, it must be determined where the case will be tried, meaning which jurisdiction applies to the case. We live in a global society so this issue of jurisdiction is becoming increasingly common. For example, someone might purchase a product in a different state than where they reside. Later, if there's a problem with that product and they want to sue the merchant or manufacturer, it needs to be determined where the suit will initiate. To give your case the best chance, you need an attorney who understands how jurisdiction could apply in your case.

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